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The annual employee survey is dead. Discuss. This is the first line in my new book "Employee Engagement and Communication Research". If I believed that listening to the voice of employees had no future I would not have gone further than that line.

But I do think that the traditional approach no longer meets the needs of today’s business world. We need to re-energise and renew research for high performance. Ask yourself these questions:

Does your current research programme align with organisational purpose and business strategy – and prove its investment worth?

Can you evaluate media, messages and motivation against performance and return on investment?

Are you identifying and implementing practical, achievable solutions?

We can help you answer those questions. Our flexible partnership approach ranges from advice/support for your current programme through to full research services. We aim to be innovative, cost effective and practical.

What drives performance?
Looking for a short, simple and speedy measure of the eight keys to drive performance? Find out more here.

A leading figure in engagement and communication measurement, Susan has innovated approaches to interpreting and understanding results to drive action forward. Her work in researching the impact of internal communication makes her the UK’s foremost expert in this field. She is a frequent speaker at international conferences and is presenting at the 2013 IABC World Conference in New York.
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Based on this wide experience, Susan has written a guide for successful surveys: "Employee Engagement & Communication Research: measurement, strategy action”. Click here for more information

Follow the journey of Susan’s book on her blog at: commevaluation.wordpress.com


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